Our Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions are important and are here to protect your Rights. When you book you agree to abide by them. They're in alphabetical order and if you're not sure about anything just send us a quick email. ‘SPMT’ refers to South Pacific Motorcycle Tours Ltd.


See Insurance (‘Damage, Repair Costs & Incidents’).


On rare occasions it may be necessary to  re-route your itinerary due to severe weather conditions or for some other reason. The decision to re-route may be made by you or by SPMT.  If this decision is made within 30 days of the tour departure or during the tour, SPMT is not obliged to provide a refund for the cost of lodgings not used.  Any new lodgings booked as a result of a need to re-route will be charged to you as an additional expense.  This additional  amount  will be advised to you and your authority to proceed sought before making any additonal booking confirmations on your behalf.  


SPMT endeavours to ensure that prices of activities and attractions are correct when going to print, but reserves the right to charge the correct Retail Price for the date booked in the unlikely event of a retail price change/increase by the Operator. If an activity is cancelled by the activity operator you will be refunded in full. If you cancel an activity be aware that operator cancellation policy fees may apply.   


SPMT holds a range of quality motorcycle clothing and accessory products which can be pre-booked at any time up to and including the time of motorcycle hire subject to availability.  Side bags/hard side luggage, and top box/Ventura Pack/Roll Bags are provided for hire free of charge with any motorcycle hire if required.  Inner-bags for side-panniers may also be available free of charge on request.  Any hired equipment that is damaged or lost will be covered by your Insurance Excess.

Age Limit

You must be 21 or over in order to satisfy our insurance terms and conditions. However, if you are under 25, special terms apply please see insurance options and enquire for further details.


Agreement to hire rental vehicle

By signing the rental agreement The Hirer acknowledges and accepts they have read and understood the agreement to hire a rental vehicle and our full terms & conditions herewith.  These full terms & conditions can be requested at anytime and provided to The Hirer via email, fax or post. The agreement to hire rental vehicle and our full terms & conditions may be updated anytime. It is advised that The Hirer reads our terms & conditions again at the time of signing their Rental Agreement.
Rider competency: The Hirer agrees to acknowledge their competency in riding the size and engine capacity of motorcycle chosen and are physically able to operate their selected motorcycle.


A 20% deposit is normally required when The Hirer makes a booking. Our confirmed receipt of this will secure your booking.  The remainder of the costs are payable 30 days before the commencement of hire (or immediately if bookings are made less than 30 days - see also Cancellation Policy and fees and Payments).


SPMT motorbikes have full AA Roadservice & Breakdown Assistance membership. In the unlikely event of breakdown, so long as you are not in breach of our Terms and Conditions, SPMT will make all endeavours to repair, recover or replace the motorcycle and/or accessories to enable you to continue your journey quickly and safely.  Sorry but time lost in carrying out such repairs and replacements cannot be compensated by way of refund or extra days hire.

Cancellation Fees

Written cancellation notice received:

Greater than 60 days:- Cancellation Fee is 10% of deposit amount
60 days or less:- Cancellation Fee is 20% of total booking amount
30 days or less:- Cancellation Fee is 100% of total booking amount

Once the hire/tour has commenced we are unable to offer any refund or part refund under any circumstances and there is no refund on any part of the tour which you may not have used.

Due to the current health situation around the world we understand that your travel plans can be uncertain and changeable at this time.
All bookings are Flexible Credit and your rental dates can be altered to suit you (Subject to availability). We will work with you to make sure you dont miss out on your trip of a lifetime!

New Zealand Residents:
As New Zealand Residents are able to travel freely within New Zealand we are able to offer a Full Refund before 48 Hours prior to the date of arrival. Full Payment is required if cancelled within 48 Hours prior to the date of arrival.
You also have the option of Flexible Credit to defer your booking at any time.

International Travellers:
Flexible Credit Vouchers apply to be able deffer bookings to alternative dates subject to availability. Standard Cancellation Fee's apply if you do not wish to take advantage of the Flexible Credit option.

Cancellation Policy

The Hirer can cancel their tour/rental and request a refund or part refund (see Refunds) at any time. The cancellation date is the date you tell us in writing (email). Please see Cancellation Fees.  Personal Travel Insurance is recommended (see Insurance). We reserve the right to cancel a Tour or Booking at any time (eg insufficient reservations deeming a tour unprofitable), and monies paid to date will be refunded in full.  However, every effort will be made to provide an alternative solution (eg providing an escorted tour or a self-guided tour instead of a fully guided tour).

Change of Motorcycle

If for reasons beyond control the booked motorcycle is not available at the time of hire, South Pacific Motorcycle Tours reserves the right to substitute a comparable or superior motorcycle at no extra cost to the client.  If a comparable or superior motorcycle cannot be provided, a pro-rated refund for the difference in models will be paid. The above shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the participant to any additional refund.

Change of Rates and Conditions

Rates and conditions may be subject to change. Some motorcycles may have different specifications to those shown. All measurements and volumes shown are approximate and based on manufacturers specifications.

Changes of Contract

Changes to the contract are only valid in writing; verbal changes are invalid.

Damage or Default (see Insurance)

SPMT reserves the right to repossess a motorcycle and terminate hire if the motorcycle is damaged and the Hirer has not complied with the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement. The termination of the hire under the authority of this clause shall be without prejudice to the other rights of the owner and the rights of the hirer under this Agreement or otherwise. Please see 'Insurance' for further information.

Damage, Repair Costs & Incidents

Please see under Insurance for full details


We require 20% to confirm your tour or rental booking. The remaining amount is due on or before 30 days prior to the commencement of the tour or rental.  Pay by direct bank credit or credit card, we'll guide you through the payment process (there's a 2.5% credit card fee for Visa or MasterCard, and 3% for Amex) If you pay your deposit by direct bank credit you will be asked to provide credit card details for insurance purposes only. Please note if you book online funds are not automatically taken even if you provide your credit card details, you can still choose your preferred method of payment.

Distance Charge

In the case of 3-6 day hires, a distance charge of 45cents per kilometre will apply when more than 350 kms per day total is travelled.

Driver Licence Requirements

A valid and full motorcycle driving licence is required for you to go on tour or hire a bike from us, it doesn't have to be a New Zealand licence, but needs to be valid from the country you come from or a valid International Licence. We will check your driver’s licence details when you complete the booking form. All riders must be 21 years of age or older. If the licence is not legible or in another language other than English, a translation, a replacement or international licence will be required before you arrive. (SPMT can assist you with this if required) Failure to produce a licence that meets these requirements by law will mean your contract will be terminated.


New Zealand's Government Sales Tax, and currently set at 15%.  All prices quoted include GST.

High Season

This is between December and March inclusive

Incidents or Accidents

See Insurance.


Insurance - Medical

Under New Zealand law it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to sue anyone if you are insured. Whilst New Zealands Accident Compensation (ACC) Scheme provides injured visitors with limited assistance, we strongly recommend that all visitors have full insurance covering any injury suffered including medical treatment cover and travel insurance before riding a motorcycle in New Zealand.

Insurance - Motorcycle

We insure all of our motorcycles to cover vehicle damage, loss and theft.  Before you take your motorcycle you will be requested to complete and sign an 'Agreement to Hire Rental Vehicle' form.

Standard Excess – NZ$3500 ($5000 if you're  aged 21-24 years)
This excess amount applies to all motorcycle hire, regardless of size. The excess amount is confirmed when you sign your Rental Agreement in the form of a credit card number, details of which will be held on the Agreement, with your signed authorization. Options are as follows:-

(A) Minor Damage Insurance (MDI) - NZ$10 per day  

Optional to Riders hiring for 5 days or more and at the discretion of South Pacific Motorcycle Tours. A daily MDI payment of $10 per day may be made to waiver costs arising  from damaged or flattened batteries, lost or broken keys, flat tyres and Kea parrot damage. (Not available on 1-4 day hires nor for riders aged 21-24 years)

(B) Collision Damage Reduction (CDR) - NZ$40 per day

Optional to Riders hiring for 5 days or more and at the discretion of South Pacific Motorcycle Tours. A daily CDR payment may be made which reduces the insurance excess amount to NZ$500. (Not available on 1-4 day hires nor for riders aged 21-24 years)

(C) A+B Minor Damage Insurance Plus Collision Damage Reduction - NZ$50 per day.
((Not available on 1-4 day hires nor for riders aged 21-24 years)

Insurance - Damage, Repair Costs & Incidents

Early communication to quickly resolve issues benefits the Hirer. In the event of any incident involving the hired vehicle, regardless of whether there is damage or who is at fault, the Hirer agrees to advise SPMT at the earliest opportunity. SPMT reserves the right to deduct an appropriate amount up to the full insurance excess amount pledged from the credit card account as supplied by the Hirer. When the Hired Vehicle is returned it will be inspected by SPMT Staff in the Hirer’s presence to compare new Damage with any pre-existing Damage (as highlighted on the ‘Damage Check-Off Sheet’ which is signed by both Parties at the time of hire). 

Where there is NO New Damage to the hired vehicle, or if there is damage but it can be ascertained that the Hirer is not at fault, both Parties will sign the Return Portion of the Damage Check-Off Sheet in agreement. No further fees or charges will apply, and any excess amount previously deducted will be refunded immediately.

When there IS New Damage to the hired vehicle, the Damage will be identified on the Damage Check-Off Sheet Return Portion, and both Parties will sign the Return Portion in agreement, and a copy provided to the Hirer.    Costs to repair the vehicle, accessories, and associated third party vehicles and its accessories where the Hirer is also at fault, will then be sought by SPMT Staff as soon as possible, by way of quote or invoice from the appropriate suppliers. SPMT pledge to seek quotation for repair and/or recovery costs at fair unit prices and to communicate with the Hirer in a timely manner, prove a fair total repair cost amount to the Hirer if required, and, if applicable, refund the appropriate insurance excess amount.

In the unlikely event that the Hirer or a qualified member of SPMT Staff is unavailable to sign the Damage Check-Off Sheet, SPMT reserves the right to make final judgement on the condition of the hired vehicle and to deduct an appropriate amount up to the full insurance excess amount pledged, charging the appropriate damage costs to the Hirer.   

If the vehicle or accessories are not returned to South Pacific Motorcycle Tours premises within the agreed date and time allowed, appropriate costs up to the full excess amount may also be deducted.  A breakdown of repair and recovery costs will be made available to the hirer upon request. This does not apply to damage or loss resulting from fire or from the theft or conversion or attempted theft or conversion of the motorcycle.

Insurance - Cars & Minibus Hire

A NZD5000 Standard Maximum Excess applies for all car and minibus hires. Options A, B, & C are not available) 

Insurance - Travel

SPMT is unable to give a refund once a tour or hire has started, under any circumstances (see refunds). Should you wish to be insured for this eventuality to cover items such as lost luggage or loss of motorcycle excess etc, travel insurance is recommended. Whilst every effort will be made to replace or repair a damaged motorcycle so that you can continue your tour, this cannot be guaranteed.  Should you wish to be insured for this eventuality travel insurance is highly recommended.

Insurance - Personal

Should you suffer an accident and you want private care you should arrange the appropriate insurance. South Pacific Motorcycle Tours will refund or part refund payments only if a tour is cancelled before the commencement date, dependent upon timescales (see Refunds & Cancellation Fees). Should you wish to be insured for this eventuality, check with your personal insurer that cancellation insurance is added to your policy.


Insurance - Third Party Damage

Any Third party costs for damage or cleaning from other interested parties (such as hotels or any other accommodation) will be passed on to the hirer and must be settled and the end of the agreement.  Should this occur the hirer will be informed immediately.


See One-way/Relocation Fees.

Low Season

Low Season is between April and November inclusive.

Minimum Rental Duration and Costing

Our minimum rental duration is 1 day and our motorcycle rentals are hired on a 24 hour basis, all prices are shown as per day rates in NZ Dollars unless stated otherwise. The per day rates decrease as the rental periods increase, special rates may apply for multiple bookings or long term rental periods. All prices shown include GST.

Motorcycle Pick-up

Motorcycle Pick-up Christchurch - complimentary transfer from airport or hotel
Motorcycle Drop-off Christchurch - complimentary transfer to airport or hotel
Motorcycle Drop-off All Other Locations - by negotiation

Motorcycles and Maintenance

In accordance with New Zealand Land Transport Safety Authority regulations, SPMT is a transport service licence holder, and authorised to operate a rental service.  We must ensure that all of our motorcycles are properly maintained and that any normal legal requirements are met. This includes paying all fees, and having the motorcycles available for inspection by the authorities at any time.  All motorcycles available for hire are regularly serviced and maintained to a quality standard by experienced motorcycle technicians.

One Way Rental

Between Christchurch and Auckland 5-20 days $495, thereafter no charge
Between Christchurch and Queenstown 5-20 days $395, thereafter no charge

Opening Hours

Motorcycle Pick-up and Drop-off  is between 9.00am and 4.00pm. Our only closed day is Christmas Day.  Sales enquiries are welcome at any time.  Motorcycles can be picked up or dropped off outside of office hours by arrangement, but a fee of $75.00 will apply.  Please check our local time (Wellington, New Zealand).


We require 20% to confirm your tour or rental booking. The remaining amount is due 30 days before commencement of the tour or rental.  Pay by direct bank credit or credit card, we'll guide you through the payment process (there's a 2% credit card fee for Visa or MasterCard, and 3% for Amex) Please note if you book online funds are not automatically taken even if you provide your credit card details, you can still choose your preferred method of payment.   


Christchurch - Pick-up and drop-off your bike at our Christchurch Base. between 9am and 4pm. We offer a complimentary transfer from/to any Christchurch hotel or the airport.  
Any other Location Auckland - by arrangement - anything is possible!  See under Relocation for Auckland and Queenstown drop-offs.


When you check out your motorcycle it will be presented to you with a full tank of petrol.  Please return the motorcycle with a full tank of 95 octane fuel. There's an NPD Petrol Station (self-serve) just around the corner from our Christchurch Base, and very close to our Auckland and Queenstown bases. If you don't return the bike full of gas that's fine but we will need to charge you an appropriate amount for re-fuelling on your behalf.  


We appreciate that there may be circumstances beyond your control, which mean you require a refund or part refund, and you may cancel with us at any time. The cancellation date is the date you tell us in writing including email. See Cancellation Fees.  Once the hire/tour has actually commenced we are unable to offer any refund or part-refund under any circumstances and there is no refund on any part of the tour which you may not have used. SPMT also reserves the right to cancel a tour, in this case any monies paid to date will be refunded in full. We recommend taking out appropriate travel insurance when booking your motorcycle tour/rental. (see Travel insurance & Personal insurance)


One way hires incur a relocation charge of  NZD 495.00 between Islands or NZD 395 within the same Island. No charge for 21+ days hire

Rental Agreement

As the holder of a Rental Service Licence, SPMT and the Hirer, must enter into an Agreement for the hire of the vehicle which is in the terms set out in the Annex to these rules in the Transport Services Licensing Act 1989.

Rental Days

Days are based on a twenty-four (24) hour period. A two hour grace period is allowed for late returns.  Unless special arrangements have been made in writing, a daily rate of NZ$500 may be charged if the motorcycle is not returned within the stipulated time (see Return of Motorcycle)

Repair Costs

See ‘Damage, Repairs Costs & Incidents’ under Insurance.


You can spend up to $100 on repairs to get you up and running such as oil, or light bulbs, we will reimburse you if you show us your receipts. For anything over this contact us first. NOTE: Unless you have taken out option C (minor damage insurance) which covers tyre damage, battery damage, motorcycle keys and Kea Parrot damage you are liable for these items and all associated costs. (See Insurance)


SPMT does not assume responsibility or is liable for delays,bodily injury nor for any damage or loss to personal effects, this exclusion is subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. We reserve the right to change or alter the Tour Plans at any time for the convenient operation of the tours and to change accommodation at any time for any reason. SPMT is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour descriptions, supplying a motorcycle in good mechanical condition with current registration and certificate of fitness as required by the New Zealand Government and Land Transport Safety Authority for rental vehicles. We are not responsible, nor liable for speeding and or parking fines issued to hirers by the authorities, anything caused by weather, acts of God, nor any other circumstances beyond its control. SPMT is not responsible or liable for delay, loss, damage or injury to persons or property and illness incurred during their stay in connection with or relating to the supply or omission of air, sea, land transportation services, vehicle hire or of accommodation, meals, facilities, entertainment or other services arranged by SPMT.

Return of Motorcycle

If a motorcycle is not returned on the tour/rental return date, time and location as advised on the rental agreement or as agreed with SPMT in writing, we reserve the right to apply a penalty charge of NZD500 per day until the motorcycle is returned to our premises undamaged. This will be deducted from the security excess amount pledged. If you return your motorcycle in a very dirty condition SPMTours reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee.  All motorcycles are provided with a full tank of pre paid fuel which is itemised on your invoice, therefore there is no need to fill the tank on return, no refund will be given on remaining fuel.  Please return your motorcycle at least 2 hours before you are due to check-in at Christchurch airport to allow for the motorcycle check-back and transfer.

Risk & Exclusions

There is always an element of risk when riding a motorcycle or driving a vehicle.  The risks undertaken when hiring a motorcycle from SPMT may include personal injury, injury to others, even death, damage to the motorcycle, and damage to other vehicles and property belonging to others. The Staff and Management of SPMT try to limit these risks and will try to minimise possible dangers. We ask that you follow our instructions at all times and are familar with New Zealand's Laws and Road Code BEFORE riding your motorcycle or vehicle. SPMT reserves the right to withdraw our services from any person who in our opinion, is likely to endanger themselves or others. We also reserve the right to cancel the hire agreement  at any time during its currency for example part way through a guided tour if we become concerned for any reason for your safety or that of any other person.  To the extent permitted by law, all our liability for damage to your property, disruption of travel plans or mental injury is excluded. This exclusion is subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. 

Road Restrictions

SPMT rental motorcycles may only be ridden on public roads. You are not permitted or insured to ride 'off-road' or 'adventure riding; including river crossings.

Driving any rental vehicle on the following roads is also prohibited by Law:-
  • Tasman Valley Road (Mt Cook)
  • Nevis Canyon Road (Otago)
  • Skipper's Canyon (Queenstown)
  • Ninety Mile Beach (Northland)
  • Any unformed roads, including beaches
  • Through streams, dams, rivers, or flood waters, on flood prone roads or any roadway where the Police or any other Government authority have issued a warning, caution or severe storm warning.
Failure to abide by these terms constitutes a breach of the rental agreement and the renter would be fully liable for any damage or recovery costs to the South Pacific Motorcycles vehicle or Third party property occurring as a result. In the event of a road closure please phone 03 312 0066 for alternative routes. Should this restriction be violated in any way, full costs to repair and recover the vehicle and accessories will be borne by the hirer.

Note: The hirer is fully liable and uninsured for any damage to the South Pacific Motorcycle or third party property if:

a.        The terms of the rental contract are breached
b.        Damage to the motorcycle is caused by careless, wilful or reckless driving
c.        Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
d.        Driving on restricted road

We are realistic and know that you may encounter some gravel roads whilst travelling in New Zealand to access some parts of the country or because of road works, but we do not expect our customers to seek out un-made roads as the main path of travel.

Special Offers

From time to time we run special offers which promote bike relocations, bookings for tours, groups and early bookings, our special offers can be used with our full retail rates only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Tour Group Numbers

Your fully guided motorcycle tour of New Zealand is guaranteed so you can book your flights with confidence. However, in the extremely unlikely event of only 1 or 2 motorcycles confirmed at 30 days prior to departure date,  the tour will run with one tour guide motorcyclist only.

Traffic Laws

The motorcycle rider is responsible for all traffic fines. If the hirer does not comply with New Zealand traffic laws, the contract can be cancelled by South Pacific Motorcycle Tours at any time and the motorcycle must be returned with immediate effect. Any Traffic fines can be deducted from your credit card excess to pay New Zealand Police or other authorities and a $50 administration fee will apply. To avoid this we suggest you pay your fine at the nearest Westpac Bank. Any claims or legal action in connection with the provision of our services to the client will be governed by the laws of New Zealand. Any claim or legal action against the suppliers is likely to be subject to the terms and conditions of our contract with them.


We will provide a complimentary transfer for the Hirer between Christchurch Airport OR Christchurch City Lodgings and the Christchurch SPMT Base free EXCEPT in the case of one and two day hires when we ask you to make your own way.  We are unable to provide a free shuttle service between the airport and your lodgings but happy to arrange this for you, please ask to see our Extra Products List for prices.

For transfers at all other locations we can assist - let us know your plans. 
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